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Our webcast videos

convey all relevant information quickly and precisely, achieve high visibility and create an emotional bond with your company. Besides image-building and PR applications, the Internet also makes it possible to convey background knowledge in short educational films. This kind of added value creates an emotional bond with your company. Today's high-speed Internet connections open up new possibilities for the use of animated images in all areas of corporate communications. A film is the ideal means of communication to attract attention on the web and to stand out from the competition. Treat your customers to an innovative presentation of your company and your products or inform them of the success and the benefits of your products and applications in up-to-date PR films.


Our animatics

transport your messages in a concise and fun style, making them particularly popular for use as webcasts. On the web, more than anywhere else, it is true that only images which are animated will animate your customers.

TAKE IT MEDIA develops webcasts that cater to the using and viewing habits of Internet users and guarantee emotional customer relationships.

Filmexamples of our webcasts you will find here.