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Our Technology

- Resolution of 23 - 50 megapixels, depending on the camera

- Time-lapse recording in native size of 6K

- Video resolution of finished films from: HD to 4K

- Recording of the recording min. 1 per minute for special events, we can increase the clock to 10 images per minute.

- Up to 8TB of internal memory = 2 years of recording without on-site maintenance!

- Online data transmission and system monitoring by means of an industrialouter with dual-sim or optional satellite connection

- Automatic system restart after current interruption

- Secure data transmission by tunneled VPN connection

- Fail-safe protection by redundant control unit

- Stainless steel or aluminum housing with IP 65, optional EX - IP 66

- Special glass for highest optical quality

- Optional heater for use in colder regions

- Optional thermoelectric cooling up to 70 ° degrees

- Optional stand-alone solar power supply

- Optional masts up to 18 meters high

- Optional automatic window cleaning for inserts in heavily polluted air

- Customized password-protected web interface and public webcam function