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Our Quality

Our new TL-15 time-lapse system is the result of years of experience with long-term time-lapse films. With our self-developed software and carefully selected high-tech components, we have developed a time-rafferk camera that delivers breathtaking films in brilliant quality. In contrast to competitors, our systems expose at least one high-resolution image in the minute. Only this recording interval guarantees a harmonious sequence with soft light transitions.

With a resolution of up to 50 megapixels and our self-developed control software, our cameras always light up even in low light conditions and at night. Where normal webcams only produce noise, our cameras deliver crisp and detailed images.

We control our camera systems from the office, with a redundant mobile radio connection. This allows us to react quickly to any changes on the spot and adjust the camera control.The image data is also recorded redundantly,on-site in the system and on our servers. All traffic flows through tunneled VPN connections. Thus, all data are absolutely secure and protected against unauthorized access.

With an internal memory of up to 8TB, our system can record almost two years self-sufficient and worldwide. The systems are dust and watertight according to IP65 and can be used anywhere, whether in the desert or in the Antarctic thanks to controllable heating and cooling!

In addition to the spectacular time-lapse films at the end of a project, you will be given an excellent marketing and monitoring tool for your project throughout the lifetime, with day-to-day access to an individual, password-protected monitoring tool.