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News - current issues from our productions.


"ARGE" tunnel Rastatt (HOCHTIEF/ZÜBLIN) has commissioned us to produce a longterm documentary from autumn 2015 till summer 2018. During this period six films will be realized and used by the "Deutsche Bahn" as an information medium. Additionally starting spring 2016 two of our 4K time lapse systems will document the construction of the tunnel by the construction vehicles over a period of six months.


TAKE IT MEDIA was commissioned by the "Stadtwerke Düsseldorf" to produce several films concentrating on the subject "teleheating". Besides being used on social media websites and on the SWD homepage the films and animations have been adjusted to all special advertisement formats: "Fahrgast TV", ring fence advertisement for the ISS Dome and ESPRIT Arena and for "FORTUNA" and DEG fan TV".


TAKE IT MEDIA has developed and produced various Employer Branding and Recruitment films for QIAGEN from Hilden. The production has been implemented on several QIAGEN locations worldwide and will be completed in autumn.


In commission of the "rbb" we have produced a thirty-minute portrait of a boy "Ben - In a Frenzy of Shape and Colour" fir the "KIKA" program "Look Into My World". The film was completed and aired at 1:30 pm on 21 June 2015.


On behalf of the economy association "Stahl" TAKE IT MEDIA has produced thirteen portraits of the nominees of this year's "Stahl" innovation awards. The portraits were presented at the awards-giving ceremony on 9 June 2015 and are available on the internet.


For ARVATO Bertelsmann we have produced a documentary about the two-day "ARVATO Future Summit" in Berlin.


HOCHTIEF Infrastructures has commissioned us to develop and produce a Trade-Fair- und Informationfilm about a new milling machine, for the decontamination und scanning, wich will be used for the deconstruction of nuclear power plants.


On behalf of the HYDRO Aluminium Rolled Products Company at Grevenbroich TAKE IT MEDIA produce a Dokumentary about a new production line till 2016. To produce the film, we will also use two of our 4k time-lapse systems.


TAKE IT MEDIA has been commissioned by ZDF Mainz to produce a second 15-minute portrait of a boy at the Palucca school for dance in Dresden for the KIKA program "STARK!". Shooting will take place in Dresden till April 2015 .


TAKE IT MEDIA has been commissioned by RBB Potsdam to produce a second 30-minute portrait of children for the "Schau in meine Welt" program on KIKA, the German children's channel. Shooting will take place in Frankfurt till May 2015.


TAKE IT MEDIA will realise an animatic film for Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG. To produce the film, we will also use our 4k time-lapse system.


5 years after the production of the corporate film "Bausteine des Lebens" for QIAGEN, Hilden/Germany, TAKE IT MEDIA has won the contract for a comprehensive relaunch of the film.


KAEFER Isoliertechnik, Bremen/Germany, has commissioned us to develop and produce a corporate and information film on the topic of "lean manufacturing". The film will be completed in late September and will support KAEFER's global roll-out of "lean manufacturing" in all of the company's divisions. The film will be used in five different languages.


In March/April 2014, we will realise an educational film on communication and safety instructions on construction sites for BG BAU. The film will be shot with seven actors on two construction sites in Düsseldorf.


TAKE IT MEDIA has won a contract from Mainz-based German TV station ZDF for the production of a portrait of a Japanese girl from Düsseldorf for the "STARK!" program on KIKA, the children's channel of ZDF. Shooting will take place between January and July 2014 and the report is scheduled for broadcast on KIKA on 31 August 2014.


For the Schaffhausen Job Centre, we have developed a video presentation tool for highly qualified job-seekers in cooperation with PTA, a management consultancy from Winterthur, Switzerland. On three days of the year, we offer job-seekers in Schaffhausen the possibility to present themselves to the labour market.


In April, TAKE IT MEDIA GmbH won another contract for an information film in three languages, this time on the topic of "WASTE". The film will be shot in HYDRO plants in Germany, Norway and Italy.


Having successfully wrapped up six weeks of shooting in Nicaragua and completed the comprehensive post-production process, we are proud to announce the broadcast dates of the productions: NDR "Weltbilder" on 23 April 2013 RBB / KIKA "Schau in meine Welt" on 1 September 2013


TAKE IT MEDIA has again won two awards at this year's Corporate Media Awards. On 7 December, the production "Jeder Überfall ist einer zu viel" realised for REWE Group won an "Award of Master", while the production "Das Allfinanzkonzept" for DSL Bank won an award for high standards. This makes TAKE IT MEDIA GmbH one of this year's most successful production companies. We share our clients' pride in these awards.


TAKE IT MEDIA has been commissioned by RBB Potsdam to produce a 30-minute portrait of children in Nicaragua for the "Schau in meine Welt" program on KIKA, the German children's channel. Shooting will take place in January and February 2013.


On behalf of HOCHTIEF SOLUTIONS, TAKE IT MEDIA will develop a series of educational films and an interactive training DVD about occupational safety on construction sites. Designed for international use, the educational media will also be used by BG Bau. Production of the first four pilot films is scheduled to commence in mid-July.


TAKE IT MEDIA has won a contract from NDR Hamburg for a TV report about Nicaragua, which will be shot in the autumn and be shown as part of the international news magazine "WELTBILDER". The three-week shooting will take place in January/February 2013.


Our long-standing client EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes) has commissioned us to produce 15 educational films about diabetes. Besides real-life scenes, the films will also include medical 3D animations. The films will be used as web lectures for doctors and for general patient information purposes. Production will extend over the next three years.


In November, TAKE IT MEDIA GmbH won a contract for 6 educational films from HYDRO Deutschland, the world's third largest aluminium producer. The films will be developed and produced for internal improvement measures. The real-life scenes will be shot with employees at different HYDRO locations. The theoretical part will take the form of animated sequences. The films will be used in all of HYDRO's Rolled Product Divisions in five different languages.


KAEFER Isoliertechnik from Bremen is the third construction group on our client list after STRABAG and HOCHTIEF. For the company, which specialises in insulating solutions, we will document the prefabrication and the shipment of India's new Bharati Antarctic research station in Duisburg. To produce the film, we will also use our new 4k time-lapse system.


DSL Bank, the b2b bank of Germany's Postbank, has commissioned TAKE IT MEDIA to develop and produce a product information film about a partnership offering for car dealerships. Besides studio shootings with real-life actors, a major part of the Internet film will consist of animations.


Our educational DVD "Jeder Überfall ist einer zu viel" for REWE Group on the topic of "burglary prevention for supermarkets" has been awarded this year's Prevention Prize by BG Handel und Warendistribution. For the DVD, we produced educational films for REWE Group's Penny and Rewe supermarkets designed to raise employees' awareness of potential dangers, provide guidance for action and prepare them for extreme situations.


We have won Hilden-based QIAGEN, Germany's most successful biotech company, as a new client. A contract for a complex corporate film presenting the international company and all its divisions marks the start of the cooperation. Shooting with over 40 actors has already wrapped up. Besides the corporate film, TAKE IT MEDIA will develop and produce several product, PR and webcast information films per year for QIAGEN.


We have completed a modern information film on "Issue Monitoring" for REWE Group. Having produced 14 webcast information films for REWE Group's "REWE Bio" brand over the past years, TAKE IT MEDIA GmbH was commissioned by REWE Group last spring to develop and produce an Internet information film on quality assurance. We used a mixture of a promotional report and modern image and typographic animations in combination with real-life scenes to present this rather abstract and complex issue.


Successful completion of a four-part film series for Salzgitter Mannesmann Stainless Tubes. Under the guiding theme of "Technology in balance", we developed and produced a corporate film and three product films for SMST over the past three years. The realisation of the guiding theme was a special highlight. A high-wire artist wearing a branded shirt and equipped with a stainless steel balancing pole performed spectacular figures reflecting SMST's company philosophy under the roof of the production halls in Remscheid and Montbard. Complex 3D animations were used to visualise production processes and inaccessible places in which the tubes are used. The films were shot in France, Italy, Scotland, Belgium and Germany and have won several international awards.